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Hello! I am Georgia Bridgett, 20 years old and an undergraduate literature student at the University of Liverpool. I have a great passion for gender equality and human rights. I also write about ethical and sustainable fashion.

Being a feminist and a voice for gender equality has never been more exciting. Journalism is a platform for individual voices to be heard and I want to be a part of it. I am fascinated by the debate that is happening and my academic studies in particular are introducing me to some fascinating arguments on perceptions of gender which have influenced my personal reading and I will be sharing that on this blog.


Personal Style: I love to document my charity and vintage shop finds as it is an incredible way of developing personal style whilst being ethical and sustainable. At the same time I love shopping with brands that promote ethical and sustainable values. I am always inspired by the effortless and natural French look and am very low maintenance when it comes to daily style. My favourite look is a bold lip with no other make-up (may be a bit of highlighter), a pair of cropped straight-legged jeans, and elegant blouse – anything that looks chic and effortless I’ll take it.

Fashion Photography & Personal Style: Nicole Rice, the creator of the Instagram page Simplicity City is a huge influence on my Instagram feed and I have written a post about her on here. Rice’s archive of fashion photography is amazing! I find the way in which fashion photography has developed over the decades really interesting as it shows how perception of style and beauty has changed along with cultural influences. It allows us to document changing trends and when and why they reoccur. My personal style is influenced so much by this archive.


Other blogs: I also write for the Fashion and Beauty section at The Sphinx Paper which is a student paper at the University of Liverpool. I have provided a link to my archive in the menu section. From September 2017, during my third year of university, I will be the PR Officer for the University of Liverpool Feminist Society – I’m so excited to work with an incredible group of people and spread awareness about gender equality. I am also managing the blog for Just Love Liverpool which is a Non- profit organisation run by Christians and is about helping the homeless and tackling exploitation of workers in the fashion industry as well as further injustices. Lastly, I have recently started writing for the Oxfam Fashion blog.


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