24 hour Stand For Freedom

In the early hours of this morning Just Love Liverpool completed their 24 hour Stand For Freedom. This event was done with the support of IJM (International Justice Mission). It is about raising awareness for the 40+ million people still trapped in slavery today. The event began at 8am on Church Street before moving to a house of some of the JLL team to worship, … Continue reading 24 hour Stand For Freedom

Homelessness from Multiple Perspectives: an event by Help the Homeless Society

On Tuesday 6th February I went to an event run by the Help the Homeless Society at the University of Liverpool. It was incredibly significant as it was a chance to hear from and have an informal chat with people who have experienced it and also people who are working to tackle this issue. Jacq. A, a writer, poet, and activist shared their experience of … Continue reading Homelessness from Multiple Perspectives: an event by Help the Homeless Society

‘’Masculine Mystique’’?

Journalist Mark Rice-Oxley published an aricle for the Guardian on Tuesday 21st November which explores the vitally important issue that men also face oppression, not to the extent of women as Rice-Oxley highlights, but it has to be acknowledged if we are ever to achieve gender equality. This is such an important article to read in understanding feminine and masculine as social constructs (see link for … Continue reading ‘’Masculine Mystique’’?

can we put a label on body shape?

I always love seeing editorials celebrating every shape and size and Marie Claire has done this brilliantly in the July 2017 issue. We are increasingly seeing that the fashion industry is becoming more accepting of using larger women in campaigns such as the Be Real Body Confidence Campaign (UK) which launched November 2016 (http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/london-fashion-week-body-confidence_uk_58a5c870e4b045cd34bf3fa1). I love how Ashley Graham stated for Cosmopolitan.com  in April 2016 “I don’t like the term ‘plus-size.’ … Continue reading can we put a label on body shape?