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Hello! Thank you for stopping by. I’m Georgia, 21 years old and I’m an undergraduate student in my last year at the University of Liverpool. I study English Literature which I absolutely love. I am also a Human Rights activist with a focus on Gender Relations. English Literature is one of the best degrees to develop my passion for human rights issues and I will be sharing more of how my personal interests and my degree interconnect on this blog. I recently wrote a dissertation on the phenomenal poet Mina Loy and looked at the limitations women have simply because of their ability to reproduce.

I am a huge believer of how educating young girls and boys from a young age and changing cultural perceptions of women are key issues to fighting gender inequality. I am an Oxfam Blogger – I write for their fashion blog and raise awareness of ethical and sustainable fashion (https://www.oxfam.org.uk/fashion-blog/author/georgia-bridgett). However, at the same time as writing about incredible clothes you can buy from charity and vintage shops, I raise awareness of how gender inequality and modern slavery are undeniably intertwined within issues of unethical and unsustainable clothing production.

I work with an amazing group of people to campaign against modern slavery and gender inequality. Last year Just Love Liverpool launched which is a Christian organisation fighting against these issues. We are connected with incredible organisations like IJM and TearFund. We are one branch of many scattered across the country who are linked to JustLoveUK. With an amazing woman called Aimee, I do the social media for Just Love Liverpool – do check out our blog! (https://justloveliverpool.wordpress.com/about/).

As well as my work with Oxfam and Just Love Liverpool, I am on the committee for the University of Liverpool Feminist Society which is exposing me to how feminism is interpreted in so many different ways.

When I am not campaigning against current political issues and studying for my degree, a few of my favourite things to do are to spend time with family and friends, steal dads stocks, have delicious cups of coffee, read, and listen to music. I have dreams of living in France as well as travelling around the world to see how we can improve women’s lives. I am also training for a half-marathon happening this March and I am running with IJM – I’ll update you with the training once I stop stuffing my face with chocolate from Christmas.

I am very excited for all of the new projects I’ll be taking on this year so do keep checking in!

Thank you and God bless,

Georgia x

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