The Circle
An NGO working to raise awareness of women and girls rights - 15.04.2019. “[Livia] Firth reminds us, we all have a responsibility to change the face of fashion. We live in a throw-away society and when we discard a garment after only a couple of wears, we are not taking a moment to remember who made it. When we buy and buy and buy, we are giving these companies the means to produce more, faster; “we are completely complicit in the system”. But when we do not buy into this industry, we are taking away work from these women.” - 18.12.2019. “Rather than engaging in the consumer culture we can re-direct it towards good causes; turning away from a fast fashion buy towards a pure gift of compassion for someone who truly needs it.” - 28.04.2019. “[…]educating girls can prevent the reoccurrence of child marriage and FGM/C. Education can create a future for girls where they are not limited by decisions made about their bodies without their consent.” - 12.12.2018. Exploring the unimaginable violence that refugee women and girls are facing everyday - 30.07.2019. In July 2019 The Circle “learnt a huge amount from our project partner ACT Alberta about what makes women vulnerable to traffickers and what we can do ourselves to be more aware of trafficking victims in our own area.” I “take[s] a closer look at one of modern slavery’s most insidious practices, cybersex trafficking.” - 02.08.2019. “I decided to write about the incredible Marie Colvin and two inspirational female photographers who risked their lives, pushed through and broke down gender norms in this field of work and amplified the voices of women.”

Simuka Africa Youth Association
A charity based in Zimbabwe who work to prevent child marriage and poverty (also published on the Empower For Her page)

Oxfam Fashion Blog
A blog run by Oxfam which posts articles by people who are passionate about charity and vintage clothes

The Sphinx Paper
University of Liverpool’s oldest running student paper, The Sphinx. I wrote for the Fashion section

Just Love Liverpool 
A part of the charity Just Love UK who encourage students to stand against social injustice