Literature Reviews


I will be launching this section in July 2018.

It will focus on reviews about gender based issues through literature. I will review contemporary literature, poetry readings and talks. As well as literature that emerged out of art and cultural movements such as modernism and romanticism.

The aim of this section is not to tell you all I know about gender, but it is a space for me to explore and learn more for myself about gender and feminism. I have so much still to learn and as society progresses one can only keep learning.

I could be reviewing anything from writers such as Audrey Lorde and Chiamanda Ngozi Adichie, Bessie Head’s A Question of Power and Jean Rhys’ novels. Criticism will also be explored such as Lauren Elkin’s idea of the ‘Flaneuse’, in addition to women poets like Mina Loy. Think pieces will include my personal thoughts feminism and female empowerment. This will include things such as reviews of articles.

Think New Yorker style pieces!