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Hi I’m Georgia, I’m 21 and currently living in Liverpool. I write on human rights issues with a large focus on women’s rights. I write for the Oxfam Fashion Blog and the University of Liverpool online student paper, The Sphinx. I co-manage the social media for Just Love Liverpool which is a branch of the NGO Just Love UK and focuses on raising awareness of slavery, trafficking, in addition to other human rights issues such as homelessness and sustainability. I am on the committee for the University of Liverpool Feminist Society. I also write about and raise awareness of ethical and sustainable fashion and will be launching a new book of the month series very soon focused on gender from a wide perspective. I am also interested in how gender is explored within culture such as art exhibitions.


ENQUIRIES: georgiabridgett@gmail.com

Twitter: @georgiabridgett / Instagram: @georgiabridgett