Vintage Shirts

The classic shirt. Baggy shirts are possibly one of the cosiest and most comfortable pieces to wear. If I’m having a lazy day reading this is what I will opt for.


I recently bought this forest green one from Pop Boutique Liverpool. The hour before I had been to a Just Love Liverpool lunch and was inspired by Poppy’s blue flannel shirt. I’ve wanted one like this for ages but backed out because I didn’t really think this style would suit me. But I wanted something laid back and easy to style; something  that I could wear to uni (perfect for endless days in the library at the moment, despite the fact that I am writing this post from my living room and wearing slippers…and just been offered a cup of tea by my housemate, B).

Whilst making said tea, I have to quote B who has just shouted from the kitchen “‘I’ve just baptised the bin with tea'”…I think I’ll stay out of the kitchen for now….

OK back to the shirt. I cannot begin to describe how soft it is. It’s cotton, yet it feels like I’m snuggling up with a blanket – any chance I’ll fall asleep in the library, I hope not.

Now the next shirt is slightly less soft with it being of a cord material. I bought it from Blue Rinse in Leeds last summer.


As you can see from the photo above and below this shirt works with both straight leg and skinny jeans. I would usually opt for a v-neck t-shirt but today I have styled it with a skin tight sleeveless top from Zara as you can see below. This creates a classier look, perfect for a relaxed evening out. I would probably wear this for a summer evening at a jazz bar as its simple and not dressed up but it still has a classy feel to it. Really good places for jazz are Tuesday evenings at Frederick’s or Pen Factory on Hope Street, Liverpool.

The gold necklace compliments the orange/rust coloured shirt and was £1.99 from the British Heart Foundation (see a close up at the end of this post).




The next shirt is from Oxfam and paired with the same straight leg jeans.


To see a review of the shirt below go to the blog post on my Oxfam Fashion page.