Hi I’m Georgia, I’m 21 and currently living in Liverpool. I write on human rights issues with a large focus on women’s rights. The inspiration for this blog is the desire to raise awareness of how women’s rights are violated within every strand of society. But whilst we all know this with everyday sexism flooding our news feeds everyday, from my experience of campaigning, the level of awareness of women being exploited as slaves within the fashion industry is not very high.

So, I focus on women’s rights in general and how global and local issues are interwined though this may not seem to be so.

Expect to read my thoughts and research on: ethical and sustainable fashion, everyday sexism and women within art and literature.

I also write for the Oxfam Fashion Blog and the University of Liverpool online student paper, The Sphinx. I co-manage the social media for Just Love Liverpool which is a branch of the NGO Just Love UK and focuses on raising awareness of slavery, trafficking, in addition to other human rights issues such as homelessness and sustainability. I am on the committee for the University of Liverpool Feminist Society.

Twitter: @georgiabridgett / Instagram: @georgiabridgett

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