Sparkly Enough?

Alright so you’re probably thinking about your Christmas Eve/Day/New Year’s Eve outfit, right? Well, if you’re looking for classy and sparkly you’ve clicked on the right article!



The Oxfam piece here is the midi-skirt with those fabulous gold stripes. The stripes are very thin, like a pencil line which makes them not too overwhelming combined with the sparkly sequin top.

I wasn’t able to tuck the blouse in because the skirt was too tight and the blouse would have been at risk of being torn; it is so delicate. I was unsure about it being untucked because as you can see it is very sheer. But the way the gold stripes shine through increases the sparkly feel and adds a little extra detail.

The blouse is from Cow in Liverpool (on Bold Street, the same street where the Oxfam store I am always writing about is!). They re-vamp old designer clothes. I fell in love with this as soon as I saw it! It is an old piece by Ronit Zilkha, a London based designer. As well as being a designer, Zilkha ‘supports various charities including Fashion Target Breast Cancer and PlanUK, speaking up for girls’ rights. She also became a celebrity face for their ‘Add your face’ campaign and ‘Because I’m a girl’, alongside Natalie Dormer and Miriam González Durántez’ (

Designer clothes are beautiful and we all want good quality clothing. But I find the idea of re-vamping old and dusty pieces so exciting! We are breathing new life into them and filtering old trends in with new ones. The best thing about this though is that it is an ethical and sustainable way to still have those good quality designer pieces.



My favourite aspect of this look is that it is inspired by the winter forest. Imagine a blanket of snow, some leafless trees and a pitch-black sky (alright this is sounding a bit creepy but hang on). Stars are twinkling. The skirt is the sky, the branches are those on the blouse, the snow is the colour of the blouse and the twinkling stars are the sequins. I like the idea of using photography and other forms of art to inspire outfits – after all, fashion is a form of art.

If you’re struggling for some outfit ideas for the Christmas period, just go for a search in your local charity shop. You may find something you never would have thought about wearing – an amazing way to stretch your creativity and imagination, right?!

We all need a bit of sparkle this Christmas though, whether it be gold dusting on a Christmas cake or gold sparkles on a skirt. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!