A Patterned Jumper Can Be Versatile?

I have a love for minimalist clothing. One of my absolute favourite looks is a baggy jumper over a long skirt and oh my goodness did I find an outfit that I will be wearing for a very long time.


This jumper was from Oxfam on Bold Street in Liverpool. I have found some amazing jumpers in this store. I regularly have to restrain myself as a student from buying more and more jumpers. My wardrobe can’t take it anymore. But I know if I walk into that store I won’t be leaving without something….

As the jumper is heavily patterned I pair it with block coloured pieces to make the patterns the statement part. This time I opted for a long silk skirt – a wonderful burgundy, perfect for a Christmas Day outfit.






The jumper works with dresses as well as skirts though – perfectly versatile! December 2017 for me means Dressember! Dressember is a campaign which aims to spread awareness about sex slavery and how the dress is perceived to be a sign of weakness (dressember.org). Just Love Liverpool (article ‘A Silk Blouse with a Loud voice’ for info about this NGO) had a launch evening to show our support for Dressember. Below I am pictured with the wonderful Beth who is our Global co-ordinator. So I have been experimenting with how to incorporate jumpers with dresses and this jumper has been perfect.

The dress above has been my favourite so far. Again I went for a bold colour. Rust or burnt orange is a lovely autumn colour but the jumper gives it a wintery feel with the pattern that almost looks like snowflakes. I was wearing this dress when I bought the jumper and the big attraction for me was the high collar combined with the v-neck as it added an interesting aspect to the outfit. I like how the orange is separated because there are quite a few colours going on here and by separating the orange we have a structured and put together look. I would go as far to say just throwing on this jumper makes it look like a lot of effort has been put into the outfit colour wise. Amazing!

One of my favourite outfits of all time though is this one…


It’s another minimal look with the cropped jeans and loafers. I’ve added some ankle tights because I think I would look like I’m dressed for spring without them! But to be honest I do love the look of exposed tights with ripped jeans so this works really well – adds an interesting element. This type of outfit is a go-to for me when I’m having a cosy day in. It’s really comfy and so easy to throw on when you’re having one of those mornings when all you want to do is roll out of bed and get your morning brew. Yep, we all have those days and this jumper will pick you up no doubt.

Everyone needs a cosy jumper, and this one is definitely in my top three for 2017!