taking a vintage bag out for canapés

Last Wednesday I met my lovely friend Laura for coffee at Bold Street Coffee (incredible coffee, you must try 👌) and then decided to nip into Pop Bouqtique for a browse – ‘a browse’….

I bought a gorgeous bag by the Italian brand Vera Pelle. These bags cost around £30 or more through Amazon. Mine cost £25 so not that much cheaper, however it appears to be a discontinued design and it is still in very good condition.



I have been searching for a bag this size for a few months now but haven’t been able to find one with this quality and size below £60. I have searched in Debenhams, Next, Fat Face, White Stuff – you name it! I have one half the size of this from Resurrection but it cannot fit a big book in it. Even when I have a slim book I have to take out other things I need in order to take it with me or I just have to carry it. The same goes for anything when you have a small bag.

I already have a bag by Vera Pelle that I bought when I was in Rome last year. It is still genuine leather and the fact that it still looks brand new after wearing it so much was one of the reasons I took the plunge and bought this vintage bag.


So the bag featured in this post is a great size for a day trip. However the classic and elegant look of it means it would look lovely for an evening out. My friend and I went to a Band Society event last Friday – if you haven’t listened to DECHO or Damn Fine do listen, they are incredible!! Before the event I went to a canapé evening at East Avenue Bakehouse on Bold Street. It is a new restaurant that serves seasonal food and celebrates local produce including craft beer. Every Friday 5pm-7pm they serve free canapés with any drink.


I took a book with me and spent an hour and a half there just relaxing. The canapés were delicious! I went the Friday before last as well but I didn’t go for the canapés – I just happened to go in for a coffee at that time. I was given a free canapé which was a brownie – omg it was THE best brownie I have ever had….

I wore my bag to that evening so I could take my book with me but it also looked really classy because of the dark leather and the minimal look of it.



This bag will be going everywhere with me I’m sure! Let’s hope it doesn’t turn into a bag where I throw anything in there and don’t clear it out for months! It better not be like a Mary Poppins bag…

Oh I just want to mention the scarf as well. Many people have told me they love this scarf.  I bought it in in Bahrain for the eqivalent of £6. My dad works there so my mum, sister and I went out to visit him. I always pair it with neatral colours to bring out the vibrancy of the colours. As I have mentioned before, I don’t like to pair lots of different colours and patterns together as I feel the outfit becomes too busy and I much prefer a simple and minimal look. This outfit was lovely to wear on a cool summer evening.

So if you’re struggling to find a particular item whether it be bag or a pair of jeans, just hang on a bit longer and rummage through some vintage shops – you might just find a little gem 😉