’70s meets ’90s for a day out in York

You may have seen my blog post about the petite cardigan from Next, jeans from H&M and the bag from Oxfam on Bold Street. (https://georgiabridgett.com/2017/06/04/a-pretty-petite-cardigan-the-comfiest-jeans-and-an-oxfam-treat/). Today’s post is similar but we’re looking at a cardigan I bought from the charity shop Take 2 on Bold Street, my old boot cut jeans from Next, and a bag from Oxfam in York.



We actually went to York the day I wore this outfit. I didn’t wear the bag but going to York made me remember how I wanted to write a post on it!

This spring/summer the basket bag is the bag to have as stated by, Vogue UK and The Independent has called it the ‘must-have[…]humble basket bag’. There really is something humble and simple about it by using natural materials.

The basket bag is a classic ’70s piece, often being called the ‘Jane Birkin bag’. For those who don’t know, Birkin was a singer and songwriter and basically the Alexa Chung or Jeanne Damas of the ’70s. I’m in love with her laid back style. Marie Claire UK once commented on a photo of her from 1977 saying that her metallic disco-ready pants and straw basket is a genius mix of high-low style’ (http://www.marieclaire.co.uk/fashion/27-times-jane-birkin-inspired-our-wardrobes-32669) – sums up why many, including me, look to her for inspiration to a laid back evening look.

My basket style bag may not be the classic Birkin one – circular and made out of straw where the straw sticks out at places so it looks purely handmade. But I like it because it has compartments inside and the leather adds extra detail and makes it look classier and more fitting for an evening out.



So whilst I didn’t wear the bag, I still felt like experimenting with clothes that I didn’t take to uni. So I foraged through my wardrobe and found my old ’90s style leather jacket from Topshop. I’ve had it in my wardrobe for years! I think I bought it when I was 14 – clearly haven’t grown much! I used to wear it allllllll the time and then it’s just been sat in my wardrobe back home since I started uni. I just haven’t found the outfit I’ve wanted to wear it with but I felt this outfit worked together really well. Both the cardigan and the jacket are the same length and the collars of both have a triangular shape – formed by the open button of the cardigan and the collar of the jacket. So the lines of these pieces complement each other and without making the outfit look boring as the collars are different with the faux fur of the leather jacket and the ribbed knit of the cardigan.

Now onto the jeans! I like how they flair out at the bottom because it gives a 70s feel to it and if I were to wear the basket bag it would be the perfect overall ’70s look – also very Jane Birkin! I think a flair adds another interesting dimension to this outfit instead of just the skinny jean which I would usually pair with this look.









Henry wanted to join 😉

Georgia x