classic jeans and t-shirt with an incredible Oxfam cardigan

I have spoken about these jeans in a previous blog post – A Pretty Petite Cardigan, the Comfiest Jeans, and an Oxfam Treat – so this blog post features a another way of styling these jeans.



The t-shirt and jeans combo just can’t be beaten. This is my favourite style of jeans and -t-shirt because it can’t really be dressed up as the baggy and loose style just says I wanna be casual and relaxed.

I love the wide neckline because despite the fact that I have broad shoulders, I don’t appear to look too boxy and this is because the added v-neck gives the illusion of the shoulders appearing less broad.



This cardigan was from Oxfam on Bold Street. Total impulse buy but I couldn’t leave it behind! I could imagine waking up on a morning, wrapping it around me and walking tiredly downstairs feeling super cosy in my thick knitted cardigan. That was the intention – a cosy at home cardigan. But when I tried it on with the t-shirt and jeans I loved it! The colours  and pattern makes the whole outfit more exciting. The baggy style also complements the overall relaxed look. This is an outfit that can so easily be thrown on for a day at uni, a quick coffee trip or simply lounging about the house yet it still looks and feels nice.




 The colours and pattern are what drew me in. I’m not one for a busy outfit with lots of colour etc so pairing this cardigan with toned down colours was perfect. If you wanted this style of outfit to look more chic, you could swap with jeans for black skinny jeans and some dark coloured boots. This would make the cardigan move into that ‘dressier’ category. 

Georgia x