I am beginning a new section where you will see a regular post from me with links to all of the interesting quotes/articles/other literature I have been reading that day around the main topics on this blog – gender equality, human rights, and ethical and sustainable fashion. If it’s an article I will include a couple of sentences explaining what the it is about. Hopefully this will give you some interesting things to read and show you where I gain inspiration from and at the same time make you aware if you’re not of articles on current topics you may want to know more about.


I have started reading Gloria Steinem’s My Life on the Road again. I read a few chapters a couple of weeks ago as you may have noticed from my Instagram but had to stop due to uni reading taking over.

Today I came across the following quote:

‘In much of the world to this day, a woman may be disciplined or even killed for dishonouring her family if she leaves her home without a male relative, or her country without a male guardian’s written permission. In Saudi Arabia, women are still forbidden to drive a car, even to the hospital in an emergency, much less for an adventure. During the democratic uprisings of the Arab Spring, both female citizens and foreign journalists paid the price of sexual assault for appearing in the public square. As novelist Margaret Atwood wrote to explain women’s absence from quest-for-identity novels, “there’s probably a simple reason for this: send a woman out alone on  rambling nocturnal quest and she’s likely to end up a lot deader a lot sooner than a man would.” (Steinem takes the Atwood quote from “Headscarves to die for,” New York Times Book Review, August 15, 2004.) (Introduction, xxx-xxxi, Oneworld Publications (2015)).

It is the quote from Atwood which struck a cord in me more than anything. Just the word ‘deader’ in ‘a lot deader a lot sooner’ is deliberately not coating the issue of gendered violence in complicated legalistic/political language, but putting the issue in very raw, blunt, and simplistic phrasing.

Through Atwood’s deliberate phrasing combined with Steinem’s listing of facts they create an overwhelming picture of the unbelievable lack of freedom women still have in other parts of the world.

Atwood’s Book Review of SNOW by Orhan Pamuk can be found via the link http://www.nytimes.com/2004/08/15/books/headscarves-to-die-for.html. Atwood argues that ‘attitudes of men toward women drive the plot’ but that the book is also about ‘identity’ and how men learn to understand one another. This is definitely a book I’m going to be picking up soon!



taking a vintage bag out for canapés

taking a vintage bag out for canapés

Last Wednesday I met my lovely friend Laura for coffee at Bold Street Coffee (incredible coffee, you must try 👌) and then decided to nip into Pop Bouqtique for a browse – ‘a browse’….

I bought a gorgeous bag by the Italian brand Vera Pelle. These bags cost around £30 or more through Amazon. Mine cost £25 so not that much cheaper, however it appears to be a discontinued design and it is still in very good condition.



I have been searching for a bag this size for a few months now but haven’t been able to find one with this quality and size below £60. I have searched in Debenhams, Next, Fat Face, White Stuff – you name it! I have one half the size of this from Resurrection but it cannot fit a big book in it. Even when I have a slim book I have to take out other things I need in order to take it with me or I just have to carry it. The same goes for anything when you have a small bag.

I already have a bag by Vera Pelle that I bought when I was in Rome last year. It is still genuine leather and the fact that it still looks brand new after wearing it so much was one of the reasons I took the plunge and bought this vintage bag.


So the bag featured in this post is a great size for a day trip. However the classic and elegant look of it means it would look lovely for an evening out. My friend and I went to a Band Society event last Friday – if you haven’t listened to DECHO or Damn Fine do listen, they are incredible!! Before the event I went to a canapé evening at East Avenue Bakehouse on Bold Street. It is a new restaurant that serves seasonal food and celebrates local produce including craft beer. Every Friday 5pm-7pm they serve free canapés with any drink.


I took a book with me and spent an hour and a half there just relaxing. The canapés were delicious! I went the Friday before last as well but I didn’t go for the canapés – I just happened to go in for a coffee at that time. I was given a free canapé which was a brownie – omg it was THE best brownie I have ever had….

I wore my bag to that evening so I could take my book with me but it also looked really classy because of the dark leather and the minimal look of it.



This bag will be going everywhere with me I’m sure! Let’s hope it doesn’t turn into a bag where I throw anything in there and don’t clear it out for months! It better not be like a Mary Poppins bag…

Oh I just want to mention the scarf as well. Many people have told me they love this scarf.  I bought it in in Bahrain for the eqivalent of £6. My dad works there so my mum, sister and I went out to visit him. I always pair it with neatral colours to bring out the vibrancy of the colours. As I have mentioned before, I don’t like to pair lots of different colours and patterns together as I feel the outfit becomes too busy and I much prefer a simple and minimal look. This outfit was lovely to wear on a cool summer evening.

So if you’re struggling to find a particular item whether it be bag or a pair of jeans, just hang on a bit longer and rummage through some vintage shops – you might just find a little gem 😉


’70s meets ’90s for a day out in York

’70s meets ’90s for a day out in York

You may have seen my blog post about the petite cardigan from Next, jeans from H&M and the bag from Oxfam on Bold Street. (https://georgiabridgett.com/2017/06/04/a-pretty-petite-cardigan-the-comfiest-jeans-and-an-oxfam-treat/). Today’s post is similar but we’re looking at a cardigan I bought from the charity shop Take 2 on Bold Street, my old boot cut jeans from Next, and a bag from Oxfam in York.



We actually went to York the day I wore this outfit. I didn’t wear the bag but going to York made me remember how I wanted to write a post on it!

This spring/summer the basket bag is the bag to have as stated by, Vogue UK and The Independent has called it the ‘must-have[…]humble basket bag’. There really is something humble and simple about it by using natural materials.

The basket bag is a classic ’70s piece, often being called the ‘Jane Birkin bag’. For those who don’t know, Birkin was a singer and songwriter and basically the Alexa Chung or Jeanne Damas of the ’70s. I’m in love with her laid back style. Marie Claire UK once commented on a photo of her from 1977 saying that her metallic disco-ready pants and straw basket is a genius mix of high-low style’ (http://www.marieclaire.co.uk/fashion/27-times-jane-birkin-inspired-our-wardrobes-32669) – sums up why many, including me, look to her for inspiration to a laid back evening look.

My basket style bag may not be the classic Birkin one – circular and made out of straw where the straw sticks out at places so it looks purely handmade. But I like it because it has compartments inside and the leather adds extra detail and makes it look classier and more fitting for an evening out.



So whilst I didn’t wear the bag, I still felt like experimenting with clothes that I didn’t take to uni. So I foraged through my wardrobe and found my old ’90s style leather jacket from Topshop. I’ve had it in my wardrobe for years! I think I bought it when I was 14 – clearly haven’t grown much! I used to wear it allllllll the time and then it’s just been sat in my wardrobe back home since I started uni. I just haven’t found the outfit I’ve wanted to wear it with but I felt this outfit worked together really well. Both the cardigan and the jacket are the same length and the collars of both have a triangular shape – formed by the open button of the cardigan and the collar of the jacket. So the lines of these pieces complement each other and without making the outfit look boring as the collars are different with the faux fur of the leather jacket and the ribbed knit of the cardigan.

Now onto the jeans! I like how they flair out at the bottom because it gives a 70s feel to it and if I were to wear the basket bag it would be the perfect overall ’70s look – also very Jane Birkin! I think a flair adds another interesting dimension to this outfit instead of just the skinny jean which I would usually pair with this look.









Henry wanted to join 😉

Georgia x





classic jeans and t-shirt with an incredible Oxfam cardigan

classic jeans and t-shirt with an incredible Oxfam cardigan

I have spoken about these jeans in a previous blog post – A Pretty Petite Cardigan, the Comfiest Jeans, and an Oxfam Treat – so this blog post features a another way of styling these jeans.



The t-shirt and jeans combo just can’t be beaten. This is my favourite style of jeans and -t-shirt because it can’t really be dressed up as the baggy and loose style just says I wanna be casual and relaxed.

I love the wide neckline because despite the fact that I have broad shoulders, I don’t appear to look too boxy and this is because the added v-neck gives the illusion of the shoulders appearing less broad.



This cardigan was from Oxfam on Bold Street. Total impulse buy but I couldn’t leave it behind! I could imagine waking up on a morning, wrapping it around me and walking tiredly downstairs feeling super cosy in my thick knitted cardigan. That was the intention – a cosy at home cardigan. But when I tried it on with the t-shirt and jeans I loved it! The colours  and pattern makes the whole outfit more exciting. The baggy style also complements the overall relaxed look. This is an outfit that can so easily be thrown on for a day at uni, a quick coffee trip or simply lounging about the house yet it still looks and feels nice.




 The colours and pattern are what drew me in. I’m not one for a busy outfit with lots of colour etc so pairing this cardigan with toned down colours was perfect. If you wanted this style of outfit to look more chic, you could swap with jeans for black skinny jeans and some dark coloured boots. This would make the cardigan move into that ‘dressier’ category. 

Georgia x


A Pretty Petite Cardigan, the Comfiest Jeans, and an Oxfam Treat

A Pretty Petite Cardigan, the Comfiest Jeans, and an Oxfam Treat

Last Wednesday afternoon myself and @simplicitycity were on the same style wavelength when I threw on a cardigan and jeans and then was scrolling through Instagram and came across the gorgeous picture below on @simplicitycity’s Instagram feed.


Isn’t it gorgeous? Petite cardigans look amazing styled with trousers, jeans, skirts – they are an essential minimal piece to have because they are so versatile yet always look elegant; also an essential piece if you are wanting to master the classic and effortless French style. This one is from Next. For me, they come out in the spring/summer because I love to wear them as a top without an added layer such as a coat. I like the lightweight feel of them.


I chose to wear mine with skinny jeans and sandals and I actually wore this outfit to a BBQ later on that evening The skinny jeans are not meant to be high-wasted (problems with being 5’3) but I like the high-wasted style because combined with the cardigan they emphasise the waist, allowing for it to complement the body shape.

The colour of the jeans appears unusual, like a deep blue mixed with indigo. I like pairing different and unusual shades of colour together as it makes the outfit not too colourful and also not one block colour throughout the whole outfit.


Last Saturday I treated myself to a new pair of jeans. The straight-legged and cropped style jean have been on my wish-list for soooo long. This pair was from h&m, as were the skinny jeans. Both cost £30. I cannot tell you how comfy the straight-legged jeans are – comfiest jeans I have ever owned. The material is so soft as they are made of 94% cotton and the fit is perfect. I have had many conversations with friends about how it is really hard to find high street brands that sell jeans where we don’t need to wear a belt – well, I’ve finally found my store for cheap and good quality jeans! I would wear this type of outfit around the house due to it being so comfy but it also makes me feel a little dressed up rather than sitting in joggers all day – they may never beat the feeling of slipping into your old joggers after a long day at uni or work, but they are very close indeed.



But the best thing about the straight-legged pair is that they are from h&m’s conscious collection – their sustainable collection which I will go into further detail about in a blog post in the next few weeks. I can’t find the exact pair online but the following link will take you to a very similar pair – http://www2.hm.com/en_gb/productpage.0443983003.html#Denim blue

Furthermore, on that idea of height, as I am a petite person jeans do not always look flattering on me, especially baggy jeans. But the fact that these straight leg jeans are tight at the top and then flair out, means that they maintain that baggy, casual style, whilst appearing to give shape. The cropped style also adds length to my legs.

Now, onto that Oxfam treat! I have been searching for a large leather bag for a while now because sometimes my leather bag from the vintage shop Resurrection is not always big enough for a day out. I have been looking at bags between £30 and £60 and have not found one that is of good enough quality and the style and size I want that is below £30. I was about to make the leap and buy an expensive one, but then I stumbled across this incredible bag….


It cost £5.99, is real leather and in amazing condition!


To complete this spring/summer look I opted for a pair of sandals for the BBQ, but ballet flats (pictured above) also look really good and give a bit more formality if you are wearing this outfit to a restaurant etc.

I love a toned down look and this style will definitely be worn over and over again this summer.

Georgia x