Vintage treat – Levi’s 501, blouse and, sunglasses

Vintage treat – Levi’s 501, blouse and, sunglasses





Sefton Park






At the end of April I handed in my last piece of coursework and treated myself to a bit of vintage shopping and a coffee that did not involve revision…a day I had been dreaming about for agessssss! I went to Pop Boutique on Bold Street and FINALLY found a pair of Levis 501’s – perfect treat! They were £20 (bargain I kid you not) which appears to be the price of all of the Levis in this store.

I love the baggy fit as it creates a really casual and relaxed look. They are a classic, staple piece of any wardrobe as my dad would definitely agree with. My dad still wears his Levis from the ’80s and swears by them (I’m not sure dad will be impressed by me referring to his jeans as vintage…sorry dad). Mum has often said for years, ‘when are you going to throw those Levis away and buy some new pairs of jeans’. Now I see her point, I mean they do have holes on the bottom and some are seriously frayed…but they are still pretty cool. When I told my dad I had bought a pair of Levis he asked me if they were 501’s…’I always buy those. Expensive but last a long time’ – seal of approval.

Levis have started to become a trendy item over the last couple years; we almost always cannot walk down a street without seeing someone wearing a pair or at least having the same style.  They’re classy with a blouse and heels, and become casual with a pair of sandals. I cannot forget to mention the grunge look though, they are an essential piece!


Bridge and  Bardot are an an American based brand and have a section on their website dedicated to vintage denim including Levi’s. I love this pair below because this style of Levi’s can sometimes look too casual if not styled with the right pieces. The tight fit of the top, tucked into the jeans and combined with the lace and flowers makes the Levi’s look softer; a complete contrast to the grunge look of the ’90s which they are usually associated with. The loafers also add to this as well as the short cardigan, especiallly with the rounded neckline. Whilst this outfit appears casual, the elegance of it means it would be lovely for an evening meal or a drink. Imagine sitting outside a bar, wine in hand, enjoying the sunshine and, relaxing with friends – perfect.


The blouse from Pop Boutique was £18. I like how it comes in at the waist as it complements the baggyness of the jeans, making them appear less casual and more of a statement. Blouses are perfect to pair with 501s as they make the jeans perfect for a time when you want to feel dressier. The shoulders are padded a bit – ’80s flashback – without looking boxy as the sinched waist deters from this. I would finish off this outfit with a pair of sandals in the photo further above or ballet flats in order to show the ankles, create the appearance of longer legs, and therefore distract from the baggyness a bit.



Coffee in Artisane – perfect end to a very hectic few weeks.

Georgia x

H&M summer cardigan

H&M summer cardigan

I’ve been looking for a summer cardigan for a while now. I only have thick autumn cardigans or ones with holes in which is obviously not ideal. So I popped into H&M last Saturday in Leeds and picked up this lovely beige cardigan which has specs of grey and marble tones. It would look great with a bold coloured lip stick, particularly as I have pale skin which means this cardigan will most likely wash me out sometimes. It is made out of soft cotton and is very lightweight – perfect for if you are out all day and need something light to carry around until it starts to get chilly.

Styling ideas:

The photos below show the cardigan styled with a H&M t-shirt dress. Despite it being spring I love these autumn colours because of their warm tones and the bold colours are better for my skin tone.




Another favourite combination I love is when this type of cardigan can is styled with a pair of straight leg jeans which cut off at the high ankle, with a pair of flats or heeled ankle boots, and then a delicate blouse (I love low v-necks) and a delicate necklace. To finish off this look I would leave my hair down and natural in a bed-head kind of style.

The photos below are taken from the Simplicity City Instagram page and are examples of Spring/Summer outfits I would pair this cardigan with.


Caption ‘Beautiful Anh Duong’




I do love a cotton and wool combo and I think the lightweight nature of the cotton cardigan would look great over this knitted tank top as the cardigan is a subtle edition and not too heavy sitting on top of the wool. It also does not overpower the statement of the knitted pattern.


Caption: Denis Piel

The tea dress look is definitely coming back from the ’90s this Spring/Summer. Remember those gorgeous floral dresses of similar style that Rachel, Phoebe and Monica wore on Friends? We usually saw it paired with an oversized denim jacket but the delicacy of this dress means it can also be paired with a cotton cardigan.

Fat Face is a clothing brand which provides many beautiful examples of the clothes in the photos above. This is also an amazing brand as it is a part of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) and is one of the highest rated companies in ethical trading according to the Ethical Company Organisation ( – this article by the Humanitarians Aid Relief Trust states this and many other important and interesting facts about this organisation). However Fat Face can be on the expensive side so other brands like H&M, New Look, and People Tree are cheaper alternatives. They will not give you the long-lasting quality that Fat Face does, but they are still of reasonable feel and quality for the price.

Georgia x