tunics, trousers and statement cardigans



We all love something cosy to curl into whether it be for an evening in, a cosy day chillin’ or a study day like I was when I wore this outfit. But the cosy pieces we usually save for indoors can appear chic when styled in certain ways. If joggers can look chic, so can oversized cardigans. Pairing it with a tunic and tights created a look which was perfect for a casual evening out to dinner by not being too dressy, but also lovely for a day in studying as I felt like I’d gotten myself out of the oversized jumper and joggers that I’d been living in to study – I seriously needed a change.

I turned my H&M cardigan (£15-£20) into something a bit more interesting by switching the tights for trousers. Tunics and trousers can seem formal so the cardigan was perfect to make it casual. I love the proportions of the tunic against the trousers in the way the tunic flairs out a bit after curving over the hips, then the trousers stop the outfit from creating a boxy shape through being tight at the top and then we get this elegant flair at the bottom which also does not overpower the whole outfit as it is a small flair.

The mixed wool of the cardigan creates different shades of grey and I like how the lighter grey appears to have a shimmer because it is against darker shades. Whilst the cardigan stays baggy and casual, it also appears chic and weightless with the thin nature of the wool.

Ethical brands are H&M for the cardigan and Fat Face for the tunic/dress. The bag is from Ressurrection, a vintage shop on Bold Street featured on this blog before. Fat Face is more ethically and sustainably focused and I will be creating profiles of ethical brands on this blog soon so that you can understand a bit more about the brands I tend to shop at and why those in particular.