Ethical Products

Ethical Products

I discovered Neal’s Yard last year through the blogger Niomi Smart. Smart had bought a collection of super foods from the company and I was really keen to understand what this company was all about. I went on their website and discovered a whole range of products. Their beauty range is incredible. For a while I had been wanting to become more familiar with brands that were ethical as well as animal cruelty free.

Neal’s Yard is a natural and organic company that promotes the well-being of the people who produce the products. In the ethical section of the website which can be found in the ‘About us’ section, it mentions the Berber women in Morocco who help source the ingredients to produce the popular Organic Argan Oil. An article by the Guardian, published November 2016, sheds light on the ‘normalisation of violence against women’ in Morocco. ( It is a heart-breaking and eye-opening article which talks about the public Moroccan channel giving a make-up tutorial on how women can cover up their black and blue bruises which they  brutally received from their partners. Consequently, the statement that Neal’s Yard makes about ‘giving the women a newfound independence’ is a phenomenal step in changing attitudes towards women’s rights ( Therefore Neal’s Yard really appealed to me in its commitment to creating products that were ethical in their production as well as organic and thus healthy for our bodies.

The products I want to review are the Rose Facial Wash (,the Deliciously Ella Rose, Lime & Cucumber Facial Wash, (, and the NYR Lengthening Mascara (


This has been the best facial wash I have owned. It does exactly what is says on the bottle. I have combination skin whereby my t-zone becomes oily throughout the day, but my skin can also be quite dry, not in the sense that I get flaky skin, rather my skin just feels tight without moisturiser. I used to use facial washes such as the Visibly Clear 2 in 1 Wash Mask by Neutrogena ( but it didn’t work for me. I would wash my face at about 8am and by early afternoon my t-zone was feeling oily. The Rose facial wash leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh until 10pm when I usually clean my face with a Simple wet wipe or a Nivea one. Of course, nature would have it, no product can make your skin perfect, but it does decrease the oiliness that us combination skin types get.I have been using this product since August 2016 and it has thoroughly impressed me -I wouldn’t choose any other facial wash and I recommend it to anyone. Furthermore, it feels good to know that my skin is being treated with 69% organic ingredients and that it is a vegan product, confirming their commitment to animal cruelty free products. There is ‘the essence of 120 organic rose petals in every bottle’ – doesn’t that sound really beautiful?

When I bought the Rose facial wash I received six sachets of the Deliciously Ella facial wash as samples to try. This facial wash felt more refreshing than the Rose one due to the lime and cucumber. The scent was very strong and fresh. It gave me the same results as the Rose one but I would not choose to use it daily as I found the scent to be too strong for me.


This mascara has been the best by far. I have used ones by other brands such as Avon, No7, Rimmel, and Max Factor, but they haven’t been nearly as good as this Neal’s Yard one. As it says on the packaging, it has thickened and lengthened my lashes. My lashes have very little curl naturally but after wearing this mascara, over a period of time my lashes have started to gain a bit more curl which is amazing! Also, it does not clump and it feels light so is easily wearable as an everyday mascara and if you do not fancy wearing a heavy makeup look.

I have a habit of touching my lashes when I am stressed or anxious which has led to having gaps of no lashes on my eyelids. I started wearing this mascara to both prevent me from touching my lashes and also to treat them – it has certainly worked and they are looking much healthier.

Again, it is mentally good to know that I am doing my body some good by using organic and ethical products. By choosing ethical products I feel I am making a small contribution to raising awareness of the unethical practices of some brands in the production of their products. The Guardian published an article in 2014 about child labour in the production of mica which is a type of mineral used in beauty products ( The cosmetic brand Lush is stated in this article as being against ‘forced labour of all kinds’. L’Oreal has also taken steps to prevent child labour, showing that brands are becoming increasingly aware of unethical approaches to cosmetic production.

These products were the first step I took in my goal to have an animal cruelty free, organic, and ethical skincare and makeup collection. Of course, I am not pointing my finger at anyone who has a product that is not cruelty free, I have them as well. But what I am trying to do is raise awareness of the ethical alternatives which are also just as good.

I am very low maintenance when it comes to makeup but I do love skincare. So, I will continue to review the products I try in the hope that I can inspire you to explore ethical brands as well.

Georgia x


Performing Arts Ball 2017

Performing Arts Ball 2017














Free drink voucher 😉





Got that merlot


‘Let’s do some shots’


Credit to Andrew AB Photography – an amazing photographer!


Heels came off – dancing for hours




These heels have lasted me many evenings out – uni balls and drinks. Love New Look Heels 💕


The end of a fabulous night


Total girl band 😉


The Performing Arts Ball was a wonderful night. It was a chance to dress up, listen to some of our friends play in their bands, and dance for hours. The dress I am wearing was in the sale from Boohoo. My friend bought it for £8 and unfortunately didn’t fit her. I couldn’t let such a beautiful dress be boxed away so of course I snapped it up…thanks b!

I love low V-necks as they are so elegant and classy. The bold red is not something I would usually go for but the colour worked well with my skin tone and although I stood out amongst the safe dark colours which I would have gone for, it felt great to wear something a bit different. It has encouraged me to explore more colour in my wardrobe – another goal for 2017!

Charity shops are also great places to find dresses. The blue dress worn by Rachael on the right side of me on the photo was from a charity shop. This just shows that you do not have to spend a lot of money on a dress for it to look fabulous. Caitlin, on the other side of me was wearing a dress from Topshop which was a sale buy – again proving what feels like an endless search for that little gem is worth it!

I absolutely loved this venue! I was so excited to go as I had wanted to go for ages. It was the Buyers Club which is on Hardman Street in Liverpool. The exposed brick and fake shutters made for a casual feel, but the decorations purposefully for the ball re-created it into a formal space perfect for a ball. This proves a formal event does not need to be in a super fancy venue for it to have elegance and glamour.

The blurry shots were not intentional but I really like them because they give a sense of rapidity to the evening with the quick movements and therefore adds an element of obscurity and imagination…..

‘A woman can be over dressed but never over elegant!’ – a bit of Coco Chanel for the start of Women’s History Month ox

Georgia x