Oxfam Shopping!








This jumper really caught my eye in Oxfam on Bold Street. I have a bit of an obsession with mens jumpers at the moment. It started with buying soft V-necks which were size XL for lounging in – I literally live in them when I’m at home…

This image was on my instagram story captioned ‘Saturday night is quite fab’ – it certainly was, consisting of a 3 hour diary sess – I love doing these to clear my head

The jumper in the above image was £4 from Take 2 (originally M&S), another charity shop on Bold Street. I have been clearing their rack of mens jumpers lately. You know you’ve shopped a lot when the sales assistant starts to recognise you…

So what was just an idea for a lounging piece has become a part of my daily style. I love the different patterns on the first jumper and the hand-stitched look. The label says ‘Clothkits designs’ which is actually a company that sells patterns for you to sew or knit yourself (http://www.clothkits.co.uk/sewing-patterns-c-144.html). Consequently, my new jumper is essentially one of a kind and has a personal feel to it through knowing that someone has put a great amount of effort into making it. One of the reasons I love charity shops is that you can find one off stand out pieces and shape your own style.

I like the laid back look these jumpers give and they are especially good for days in the library, a lazy day in the house, or nipping out for a coffee. Red or a deep plum coloured lipstick worked well with the rather plain colours. I liked the extra pop of colour it gave. If you are into unique jumpers Oxfam on Bold Street is perfect. They always have a variety with different colours, patterns, and styles.

The beige skirt was also from a charity shop – Cancer Research (again on Bold Street – could I be recommending Bold Street enough?). I have worn it in all seasons – perfectly versatile.

This post is the start of a series on my favourite charity or vintage buy(s) of the month or favourite piece of the moment. So look out for a post next month!

Georgia x