Instagram and SimplicityCity

Have you heard of the instagram page SimplicityCity? I have been following this page since I started an instagram for my website. Nicole Rice started out as an anonymous instagram and wrote an article on her after the page had attracted quite a lot of followers. The Instagram page is genius. Rice posts photos that she finds in her collection of fashion magazines which according to fashion journalist Brooke Bobb, has been collecting for over 10 years ( Nicole Rice kindly lets me repost the images I like and I use them to develop my writing skills on fashion photography as well as figuring out what kind of fashion photography I am attracted to. Therefore this is also intrinsically linked to finding inspiration for my own personal style.

Below are a few of the reposts I have on my Instagram page. Everything apart from ‘#repost @simplicitycity’ and the details of where the image was found, is my own writing.  (





Another instagram page I love is BLOGGCITY which combines photos quotes that appear to work well together. I like how images/art can provoke different emotions, and BLOGGCITY cleverly gives us a quote which can provoke a different kind of thought or feeling.

So if you haven’t already, check out their instagram pages. They are interesting and fantastic for learning more about fashion history in addition to a daily dose of style inspo.

Georgia x