Unboxing Zara Sale Pieces









When there is a Zara sale, you can guarantee I’ll be online frantically scrolling through the pages for the pieces I’ve been dying to buy for months….it’s expensive, right?  Despite this the quality is worth it, even for the basics range which can be pricy compared to H&M.

I LOVE the contemporary, chic, and minimal style Zara have. Think classic street style Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen with their oversized knits, tailored trousers and shirts but at high street prices. Elements of the Olsen’s gorgeous designer labels The Row and Elizabeth and James, which encompasses their passion for the minimal, are captured in Zara’s signature style.

The way Zara take the timeless shirt for example and re-create it into a modern piece which still embodies the definitions of ‘timeless’ and ‘classic’, is beautiful. The high street brand play with the construction of an ordinary shirt, twisting it into a new and exciting piece for the modern city woman. See the first link below for a piece which conforms to this idea.

The jeans are probably my favourite piece from this haul. The stripe down the side adds that extra detail that removes you from the ordinary block coloured jeans. We are seeing details being explored more and more at the moment such as with embroidered flowers on all jean types – also in Zara (link below) – as well as on shirts (link below). I have seen these embroidered flowers being worn a lot in the last few weeks – nostalgia about Spring kicking in? The baggy nature of these jeans adds a casual masculine element which I like as it gives a laid back style. The high-waisted element and the buttons accentuate the waist and consequently add femininity. Therefore these jeans cross over the boundary of what is deemed masculine or feminine – therefore giving a gender neutral vibe.

Zara’s knitwear range is also very elegant, yet it includes pieces which bring out the edgy and daring personality. For example the outfit with the sparkly trousers (which have the feel of leggings) and the knitted cardigan, was taken when I literally had just taken them out of the box and threw them on, hence no shoes – I’d recommend shoes. This outfit can be worn both day and night, even the cardigan which I wear as a top for a stripped back, minimal look. Pair it with chelsea boots and socks for a casual look, then change to high heeled boots for an evening out. Another option could be wearing the loafers pictured in this post, then changing to heels in the evening. Mix it up. Oh and don’t you just love the sparkles and the playful frill on these trousers?! Definitely the trousers to make a bold statement and turn some heads.

I hope you enjoy the photos and get some inspiration from them. My goal for this Zara shop was to try and expand my wardrobe with pieces which were not super versatile such as the sparkly gold ballet shoes or the colourful and patterned t-shirt, but were bolder and more exciting than the usual classic, timeless pieces that are currently taking up 99% of my wardrobe. It’s so easy to go for what we feel comfortable in – let’s be daring and spontaneous every once in a while. We all have confidence, some of us just have to dig a bit deeper – including myself.

‘The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.’     -Sylvia Plath

Georgia x

Striped Crossover Shirt – http://m.zara.com/uk/en/woman/monday-to-friday/striped-crossover-shirt-c0p4083107.html

Embroidered Mid Rise Jeans – http://m.zara.com/uk/en/woman/jeans/view-all/embroidered-mid-rise-jeans-c719019p4261627.html

Embroidered Tulle T-shirt – http://m.zara.com/uk/en/woman/tops/view-all/embroidered-tulle-t-shirt-c0p4249084.html