Oxfam Shopping!

Oxfam Shopping!








This jumper really caught my eye in Oxfam on Bold Street. I have a bit of an obsession with mens jumpers at the moment. It started with buying soft V-necks which were size XL for lounging in – I literally live in them when I’m at home…

This image was on my instagram story captioned ‘Saturday night is quite fab’ – it certainly was, consisting of a 3 hour diary sess – I love doing these to clear my head

The jumper in the above image was £4 from Take 2 (originally M&S), another charity shop on Bold Street. I have been clearing their rack of mens jumpers lately. You know you’ve shopped a lot when the sales assistant starts to recognise you…

So what was just an idea for a lounging piece has become a part of my daily style. I love the different patterns on the first jumper and the hand-stitched look. The label says ‘Clothkits designs’ which is actually a company that sells patterns for you to sew or knit yourself (http://www.clothkits.co.uk/sewing-patterns-c-144.html). Consequently, my new jumper is essentially one of a kind and has a personal feel to it through knowing that someone has put a great amount of effort into making it. One of the reasons I love charity shops is that you can find one off stand out pieces and shape your own style.

I like the laid back look these jumpers give and they are especially good for days in the library, a lazy day in the house, or nipping out for a coffee. Red or a deep plum coloured lipstick worked well with the rather plain colours. I liked the extra pop of colour it gave. If you are into unique jumpers Oxfam on Bold Street is perfect. They always have a variety with different colours, patterns, and styles.

The beige skirt was also from a charity shop – Cancer Research (again on Bold Street – could I be recommending Bold Street enough?). I have worn it in all seasons – perfectly versatile.

This post is the start of a series on my favourite charity or vintage buy(s) of the month or favourite piece of the moment. So look out for a post next month!

Georgia x

Lets Talk Social Media

Lets Talk Social Media

Simple fact – social media is addictive.

I find that when I wake up I am instantly on my phone, checking instagram, twitter, you name it. Have you watched the the youtube video ‘Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace’? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hER0Qp6QJNU). A friend sent it to me and it basically made me re-think my whole attitude towards social media. For a while my housemate and I had been talking about the socially damaging affects of it. For example it is so easy to appear brave and confident online, but in person could be painfully shy. We can put a mask on who we are…it seems almost unnatural? I often find I reach for my phone for no apparent reason but to start scrolling through instagram without purpose. Sometimes I would come across images of women who looked amazing, they seemed to have the perfect life, but no one can be perfect. We see glimpses of their day, not every second, not every emotion they felt or experience they had.The Guardian published an article called ‘Is social media bad for young people’s mental health?’ which mentions David Baker, ‘a trainee clinical psychologist at Lancaster University’ who stated that ‘people who compared themselves with others online were more likely to feel depressed’ (https://www.theguardian.com/mental-health-research-matters/2017/jan/20/is-social-media-bad-for-young-peoples-mental-health). I remember uploading a particular image of myself revising in a coffee shop once and it seemed relaxing, fun. Clearly I had had a great day?  But I had actually had a day filled with anxiety over an exam and was in tears by the evening. Social media can be a great tool but also very deceiving if we lead ourselves to believe that it can tell us everything about someone.

The same friend I were in a coffee shop once and we were talking about how you can be sat in a restaurant and see people on their phones, not talking to the person they came out for lunch or coffee with. That moment we both realised we had our phones on the table, lighting up with notifications….guilty as charged.

I’m not saying social media is bad as it provides endless possibilities for communication etc. My Dad lives abroad and so having tools like Instagram and WhatsApp is a very easy and extreme useful way to keep in touch. The same article by The Guardian also presents social media in its positive light by mentioning Ashleigh Ponder, a 17 year old girl who had anorexia. From this experience  Ponder created an Instagram page called ‘balanced not clean’ (https://www.instagram.com/balancednotclean/?hl=en) which promotes how to eat a healthy, balanced diet. At the time of publication, The Guardian stated that Ponder had 23,000 followers on Instagram (now 24,000), showing that social media can be used to help others and connect with people across the globe. (https://www.theguardian.com/mental-health-research-matters/2017/jan/20/is-social-media-bad-for-young-peoples-mental-health). I also love Instagram pages like SimplicityCity (https://www.instagram.com/simplicitycity/?hl=en) as I learn a lot about fashion history and style. This provides me with endless inspiration for the Fashion / Art Reviews section of this website (you can find a review of SimplicityCity in this section).

But, the fact still lies that social media can be used in the wrong way which can be hurtful and can damage real life conversation. The first rule I gave myself was to not check my phone on a morning before I had said hi to at least one of my housemates. I haven’t always followed this rule but it has made the initial wake up feel more refreshing – it definitely clears a lot of headspace.

So, 2017 is my year to be more in touch with the world, learning more about it, but not just through social media – instead through developing relationships, having experiences that I don’t feel I need to document every second of.

I’ll be writing another post in a few months to update you on this social media cleanse 💫

De-gluing my phone from my hand right now 😉

Instagram and SimplicityCity

Instagram and SimplicityCity

Have you heard of the instagram page SimplicityCity? I have been following this page since I started an instagram for my website. Nicole Rice started out as an anonymous instagram and Vogue.com wrote an article on her after the page had attracted quite a lot of followers. The Instagram page is genius. Rice posts photos that she finds in her collection of fashion magazines which according to fashion journalist Brooke Bobb, has been collecting for over 10 years (http://www.vogue.com/article/fashion-runway-simplicity-city-instagram). Nicole Rice kindly lets me repost the images I like and I use them to develop my writing skills on fashion photography as well as figuring out what kind of fashion photography I am attracted to. Therefore this is also intrinsically linked to finding inspiration for my own personal style.

Below are a few of the reposts I have on my Instagram page. Everything apart from ‘#repost @simplicitycity’ and the details of where the image was found, is my own writing.  (https://www.instagram.com/georgiabridgett/?hl=en)





Another instagram page I love is BLOGGCITY which combines photos quotes that appear to work well together. I like how images/art can provoke different emotions, and BLOGGCITY cleverly gives us a quote which can provoke a different kind of thought or feeling.

So if you haven’t already, check out their instagram pages. They are interesting and fantastic for learning more about fashion history in addition to a daily dose of style inspo.

From next Monday I will be reviewing the upcoming fashion weeks of New York, London, Milan, and Paris.

New York (A/W 2017): 9th-17th February

London (A/W 2017): 17th-21st February

Milan (A/W 2017): 22nd-28th February

Paris (A/W 2017): 28th February – 8th March

So on 20th February a review will be up of New York Fashion Week A/W 2017 with my favourite moments and pieces from some of the shows.

Georgia x

92 Degrees Review

92 Degrees Review

I basically live in 92 degrees – ok not literally, but I spend a lot of time there, a lot. It is 12.30pm now and I have just stopped by for a couple of hours before my next lecture on Modernist Literature. So, naturally I have ‘The Good Soldier’ by Ford Madox Ford with me and an espresso – perfection.


Whether I am studying, meeting a friend for coffee, or simply craving a coffee break, you’ll usually find me in 92 Degrees, situated on 24 Hardman Street. The combination of the décor, music and warm and friendly staff make this independent coffee shop unique. I find that going out for coffee isn’t just about the coffee itself, it is also about the environment creating an experience.

You’re probably wondering about the name? I love this – It comes from the idea that 92 degrees is supposed to be the perfect temperature for roasting coffee, according to the founders of this coffee shop. I find the taste to be quite strong and with a sharp kick. However I don’t think it is bitter, rather it’s just on the strong side. I find there is fruity note to it whilst maintaining that sharp edge – not sure what that is but it keeps me going back. 92 Degrees is also a speciality roastery and prides itself in being the first one in Liverpool to do this in addition to running a coffee shop.They sell wholesale coffee to businesses, offering three very different blends, as well as offering their skills to develop your own distinct blend (https://www.92degreescoffee.com/pages/wholesale-coffee). You can shop for their coffee blends in store or online in addition to other products such as cafetières.

They have recently added almond milk for an extra 20p and coconut milk for an extra 40p to their dairy free options which already includes the free option of soya milk. This is great if you are dairy intolerant like me. In addition to this they have a range of lunch options which are also dairy free, healthy, and delicious (the super salad looks gorgeous!). Also, look at the tea board!


I have never heard of Strawberry and Kiwi before, and the Baked Apple sounds so good. I like the quirky range of teas – adds an extra layer of intrigue to this coffee shop.

The décor has an earthy style to it with the green plants, open space – partly created by the high ceilings – and the wealth of wood. The casual style creates and calm and relaxed atmosphere, making it the perfect place to sit and read a good book. I feel I could curl up in the corner and stay there all day – or is that just me having already spent hours at a time in there?







The high ceilings make the space feel open whilst still maintaining a cosy feel. Large windows are also a beautiful feature as they let a lot of light in. The white walls and large entrance also help to create this open feel, creating the illusion of an uncluttered seating area. The building is also interesting in itself. It is a Grade II listed building situated in the Georgian quarter and therefore adds a bit of character to 92 Degrees; a coffee shop steeped in history. As seen in the images above, there are a variety of lighting styles to make the space feel smaller and therefore cosier in the evening. Below is a photo from mid-December which further demonstrates this cosy feeling (keeping in mind there are Christmas decorations filling space and adding light – but they look fabulous don’t they?).

img_9837The music adds to this calm atmosphere with a mixture of jazz, modern and contemporary. Ever heard the song ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’? – a classic! This song started playing whilst I was studying for my January exams a few weeks ago. How can you concentrate with the soothing voice of Bill Withers just causally playing in the background?! You can’t.

So, if you are already hooked on paying a visit, this review just gets better. Live music is also a part of what makes this coffee shop feel like it is engaging with the local community.

Instead of coffee and tea you can opt for an alcoholic drink to accompany your evening of live music.They have ‘craft & world beers alongside wines & aperitifs’ as well as a ‘home roasted speciality coffee cocktail menu’ which they say will be ready soon according their website (https://www.92degreescoffee.com/). Live music is also played in the afternoon on occasion.

The work of artists is also a significant part of 92 Degrees. At the moment they have an exhibition which ties in with the earthy style. It was created by Lauren Pitchford for The Laurel Tree Gallery.




I love how the bold colours make a seemingly calm landscape look so powerful with a destructive potential.

I hope you pop over to 92 Degrees at some point – it’s definitely worth a visit! The staff are seriously fab. I almost never leave without someone calling goodbye, even if it’s from the back of the shop – this makes just a quick stop to pick up a coffee all the more worth it.

Georgia x

p.s below are a couple of photos I took whilst revising – thank you for getting me through revision 92, you’re a lifesaver.

Unboxing Zara Sale Pieces

Unboxing Zara Sale Pieces









When there is a Zara sale, you can guarantee I’ll be online frantically scrolling through the pages for the pieces I’ve been dying to buy for months….it’s expensive, right?  Despite this the quality is worth it, even for the basics range which can be pricy compared to H&M.

I LOVE the contemporary, chic, and minimal style Zara have. Think classic street style Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen with their oversized knits, tailored trousers and shirts but at high street prices. Elements of the Olsen’s gorgeous designer labels The Row and Elizabeth and James, which encompasses their passion for the minimal, are captured in Zara’s signature style.

The way Zara take the timeless shirt for example and re-create it into a modern piece which still embodies the definitions of ‘timeless’ and ‘classic’, is beautiful. The high street brand play with the construction of an ordinary shirt, twisting it into a new and exciting piece for the modern city woman. See the first link below for a piece which conforms to this idea.

The jeans are probably my favourite piece from this haul. The stripe down the side adds that extra detail that removes you from the ordinary block coloured jeans. We are seeing details being explored more and more at the moment such as with embroidered flowers on all jean types – also in Zara (link below) – as well as on shirts (link below). I have seen these embroidered flowers being worn a lot in the last few weeks – nostalgia about Spring kicking in? The baggy nature of these jeans adds a casual masculine element which I like as it gives a laid back style. The high-waisted element and the buttons accentuate the waist and consequently add femininity. Therefore these jeans cross over the boundary of what is deemed masculine or feminine – therefore giving a gender neutral vibe.

Zara’s knitwear range is also very elegant, yet it includes pieces which bring out the edgy and daring personality. For example the outfit with the sparkly trousers (which have the feel of leggings) and the knitted cardigan, was taken when I literally had just taken them out of the box and threw them on, hence no shoes – I’d recommend shoes. This outfit can be worn both day and night, even the cardigan which I wear as a top for a stripped back, minimal look. Pair it with chelsea boots and socks for a casual look, then change to high heeled boots for an evening out. Another option could be wearing the loafers pictured in this post, then changing to heels in the evening. Mix it up. Oh and don’t you just love the sparkles and the playful frill on these trousers?! Definitely the trousers to make a bold statement and turn some heads.

I hope you enjoy the photos and get some inspiration from them. My goal for this Zara shop was to try and expand my wardrobe with pieces which were not super versatile such as the sparkly gold ballet shoes or the colourful and patterned t-shirt, but were bolder and more exciting than the usual classic, timeless pieces that are currently taking up 99% of my wardrobe. It’s so easy to go for what we feel comfortable in – let’s be daring and spontaneous every once in a while. We all have confidence, some of us just have to dig a bit deeper – including myself.

‘The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.’     -Sylvia Plath

Georgia x

Striped Crossover Shirt – http://m.zara.com/uk/en/woman/monday-to-friday/striped-crossover-shirt-c0p4083107.html

Embroidered Mid Rise Jeans – http://m.zara.com/uk/en/woman/jeans/view-all/embroidered-mid-rise-jeans-c719019p4261627.html

Embroidered Tulle T-shirt – http://m.zara.com/uk/en/woman/tops/view-all/embroidered-tulle-t-shirt-c0p4249084.html