A New Direction

Last week I finished my exams, thank goodness! I have still been active on Instagram, trying to keep online in the midst of stress and all the inevitable feelings exams bring. I had been on and off with my blog since last September until I re-created it over Christmas – during exam revision (slight procrastination?) But I’m back now in full swing and looking forward to getting into a routine. Before I get into the details of when I will be posting, I would like to explain my plans for the moment about where I would like to see this blog going.

With the inauguration of Trump and the Women’s March, I have realised that I have been trying to fit the role of a style blogger and forgetting that my writing needs to reflect more of myself and therefore the passions who make me who I am. Now of course I love styling and fashion photography, it’s why I created this blog. However, my passion for feminism and my interest in culture and society needs to become a part of it. I posted this on Instagram last Wednesday;


‘I believe in equal rights for men and women. I believe this is a human right. I am a feminist. I am 20 years old, in the middle of my degree with the realisation that I will leave university next year and face a world on my own, where women are seen by some as lesser than men; Incapable because they are women – not measured by ability but by gender. I want to be treated as an equal. I want gender equality.’

I had been trying to keep up with the news about the Women’s March whilst revising for my literature exam. During my first evening of exam freedom (which was a lifetime coming), I started to properly read the signs people were carrying in the march such as a sign which said ‘I can’t believe I still have to carry a sign!’

Furthermore, a group of 26 women learnt the song ‘can’t keep quiet’ through Skype and had never met before the day of the march. In addition, young children, both boys and girls were fighting for gender equality; showing that generations to come are concerned for their future.

I was feeling very low thinking about what society is becoming, why we still have a misogynistic attitude, why the political world appears to be crumbling around us. I admit I am very naive when it comes to discussing politics, but I do know that change needs to be made and I want to, as a young person, make myself more informed about the issues which are going to affect our future.

So my blog will now include an opinions section whereby I will be sharing what I am learning about feminism and spreading awareness of issues that I believe are important. However I don’t want to overload page with lots of different types of issues. For now I will limit it to feminism, the fashion industry and certain campaigns I want to spread awareness about. For example, last week a campaign was launched by MQ: Transforming Mental Health about spreading awareness of mental illness in young people. They are a new charity supporting research in mental health. I shared this on Instagram last Thursday;


‘When I was 7 my mum had to hold my hands by my side so that I would stop obsessively washing them before I ate. When I was 13 it became more apparent that I had mild OCD. I would constantly repeat things such as walking in and out of a room because I felt I hadn’t done it ‘right’. I started to isolate myself from my friends and family. When I was 14 I saw a doctor because I was underweight from restricting my food. I was obsessed with how food looked and whether it was healthy enough. My habits were becoming physically noticeable and I couldn’t see it because I tried to normalise them. It feels like no one truly understands the ‘thoughts’ that tell you to repeat things. Fortunately I had extremely supportive family and friends but this isn’t the case for everyone. The anxiety and stress it causes is damaging. ¾ people don’t get the help they need. Let’s help spread awareness. Let’s fight mental illness. #WeSwear @mqmentalheath’

Mental illness is therefore something I suffered from and something that will always be a part of me. It’s something I have to control. The ¾ figure is astounding. I shared this on Instagram as I believe my experience during my early teenage years is one which I need not hide from. It is one which I want to share to help people know they are not alone and it is very common.

Last Thursday I also shared this on Instagram;


‘So excited to read these books! Inspired by Emma Watson’s book club @oursharedself, and the millions of inspirational women who participated in the women’s march, I am starting to build a personal reading list of books centred around feminism. As a fashion and culture writer and someone who is passionate about gender equality, I feel this is really important for me to do and to translate the importance of feminism in modern society through my writing. Due to having a mum who is passionate about women leadership in her career, the importance of a woman’s independence has been something I have been constantly aware of growing up. This has translated into my love for literature and now as I am creating my own small space on the internet, I hope to be one of the millions of voices to spread the importance of feminism in a way which is personal to me.’

Consequently the last few days have been very challenging in terms of making me re-think what I want this blog to be about. The main features of the blog will therefore be:

News and Opinions – Feminism and spreading awareness of campaigns whether these be issues such as mental illness or within the fashion industry.

Culture – passion of independent coffee shops and bars.

Fashion – style, fashion photography, what is happening within the fashion industry including articles that have inspired me.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog and I would love to hear from you.

Georgia x