Review of Laynes Espresso

Whenever I go to Leeds I always stop by Laynes Espresso for a coffee. Today I went to Laynes to do some studying and (excitedly) visit the new extension. The exposed brick creates an urban vibe and the lighting is low which adds a relaxed yet sophisticated feel. The furniture is minimal which I absolutely love. Everything is dark brown and black; the perfect colours to play with the low lighting and exposed brick.


Now of course I need to mention the coffee. Laynes use different blends but I always find that the coffee is quite strong. I like it but my mum finds it quite bitter. Then again I do have strong taste. My mum finds that soya milk or cow’s milk cuts through the sharpness.

Every few minutes one of the baristas would come downstairs with people who seemed to be friends coming to visit the new extension. I can’t count how many times I heard the exclamation ‘Wow!’ (couldn’t agree more!). I really liked this as it makes the business feel friendly and passionate about what they do. Independent coffee shops are clearly on the rise, popping up every two minutes. But Laynes Espresso have something extra as they not only look independent but they bring the family-like atmosphere amongst the customers.

The baristas wear grey aprons and one guy wore a white shirt with it and the apron was worn across the whole body, giving a chic and elegant look. However most of the baristas wear the apron folded on the bottom half of the body, creating a casual (and I also might add very trendy) look which I love because it gives a relaxed and urban feel to the coffee shop, in line with current trends.

The staff here are lovely and welcoming. I am always greeted with a warm ‘hello!’ (just heard a happy, perky one now whilst writing this (kudos to the barista – 10.30 in the morning). The staff are a huge part of why I come back here.

The menu is always very sophisticated and sticking to its Yorkshire roots with the dish ‘Yorkshire Rarebit’ (I quite fancy the Toasted Banana Bread though to be honest; served with orange mascarpone, candied walnut and honey – sounds delicious!). Before I became gluten intolerant I used to have the sourdough – you’ve got to try it! (I may have some today though 😉 it’s hard to resist). They will also be extending this menu.

For the dairy and gluten free sufferers like me (and I do mean sufferers, who wouldn’t want a great slab of chocolate brownie!) , Laynes Espresso are perfect. They do vegan and gluten free options, including cake! They taste just like they are packed with dairy goodness.

Whilst I was there I bumped into two camera men and one of them kindly took some photos of me. I wore a tunic from h&m as well as some old jeans, probably from Next, and my Jones the Bootmaker boots.




So if you are in Leeds now, or visiting soon, pop over to Laynes, trust me it’s AMAZING.

Georgia x

p.s I got the sourdough 😉