Resurrection on Bold Street

This post was written on my previous blog aminimalobsession, published December 1st 2016.

Resurrection is an independent Vintage Shop that sells vintage, customised, and branded items as well as doing adjustments. I bought two fabulous coats last week, braving the Black Friday shoppers all frantically looking for a bargain! At the time I was writing a review for The Sphinx Paper so I went to ask a couple of questions and of course I walked out with not one but two coats…I couldn’t decide on just one.


This shorter coat is more for spring or a transitioning coat between autumn and winter. As it is winter now I will most likely wear this coat as a light jacket for a house party or going out for drinks in the evening. A heavy coat feels a bit inconvenient for these types of situations (lugging around a big coat is not the greatest look in the world, especially when you’re like me and prone to trip up over anything on a regular basis).

I also love how this coat is nipped in at the waist as it shows my figure more and is therefore the more flattering of the two.


Now, this wonderful long coat is perfect for the bitter cold weather right now! As you can see on the photo I rolled up the sleeves slightly as they were a bit too baggy. The sales assistant recommended this coat to me so a huge shout-out to her! This long baggy coat is definitely an on-trend piece. I was surprised by how light it felt when I tried it on for such a big coat – very convenient for the long walks around the city!

Both coats are of a suede material. This obviously isn’t great for the rainy weather but hey, umbrellas just become our best friends in these situations. The suede adds an extra layer of detail to this coat! It makes it stand out from the abundance of cotton, woollen and waterproof coats.

The price of the coats is also what makes this purchase extra exciting. It came to £63.75 and would have been £85 without the 25% off due to Black Friday. £85 is still a bargain price for these coats! I have a long black coat from Topshop which I bought about four years ago and that cost me approximately £50 in the sale with the original price being approximately £95. That was just for one coat!

So if you are popping over to Liverpool at some point definitely check out Resurrection!