This post was written on my previous blog aminimalobsession, published November 29th 2016.

Last year when I had been living in Liverpool for about a month my friend and I were strolling down a street we walked down a lot to get into town. I had been debating starting a blog for a while and I had just bought a new coat from Urban Outfitters and decided to write a post on it. So inevitably I needed a picture of me wearing it. My friend just stopped and said ‘Why don’t we take it here by this door?’. The door looked to have a neoclassical style to it which is a type of architecture I love as it is classy and elegant. It presents a simplicity in the white and smooth stone; the perfect background to contrast the bold colours I was wearing.

As usual the street was packed with city people weaving in and amongst each other. But we stopped and took a quick photo and here was the result…

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